Industrial Heaters

Duct Heaters

WAHLCO Duct Heaters are used to heat process air and gases up to 1200°F/650°C for forced-air applications, including drying, curing, heat treating, re-heating, dehumidification, and annealing. WAHLCO makes premium duct heaters that are typically used in crucial high temperature applications requiring long life.

Immersion Heaters

WAHLCO’s custom designed Electric Tubular Immersion and Pipe Heaters are available for heating any liquid, oil or gas including corrosive solutions in tanks, pipes or pressurized vessels. A wide selection of sizes, shapes, kilowatt ratings, sheath materials, terminal enclosures, mounting methods, and thermostats can be specified for all types of process heating including high pressure, large volume, critical and hazardous applications.

Tubular Element Heater Specification

Straight or custom formed elements consist of nickel-chromium resistance coils centered in 0.167″- 0.500″ diameter Incoloy 800 or 321 stainless steel sheaths, vibration loaded with magnesium oxide insulation and swaged for maximum compaction. Coils are heliarced or spot welded to terminal pins. In certain instances both attachment methods are used. WAHLCO provides a variety of terminal configurations, moisture seals and mounting hardware.