Aftermarket Parts

WAHLCO actively maintains an inventory of replacement parts. Orders for stock items are processed and shipped quickly.
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WAHLCO provides spare parts and aftermarket parts replacement services for existing air pollution control equipment installations provided by WAHLCO. As most units built by WAHLCO are custom engineered to a specific application, spare parts cannot be stocked for all systems and must be procured as requested by each customer.

Each unit created by WAHLCO is identified with a recommended list of spare parts which are strongly suggested to be procured in advance by the customer to ensure a spare unit is available during the customer’s maintenance outage.

For Aftermarket Parts & Services Inquiries, Call (714) 979-7300 ext 3625 or submit the Parts & Services Inquiry form below and a WAHLCO representative will contact you regarding your request.

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Equipment Upgrades

WAHLCO provides equipment retrofit upgrade services for existing air pollution control equipment installations. As industry regulations are constantly tightening air pollution mandates, many past customers are requiring increased capacity of their Anhydrous Ammonia, Aqueous Ammonia, or Urea-to-Ammonia (U2A®) systems to meet industry requirements.

WAHLCO can provide economical upgrade solutions by utilizing existing equipment on the system and provide alternative solutions based on the needs and capabilities of each end user.

WAHLCO can perform field studies to support any equipment upgrades or retrofits. This includes skid components to entire system upgrades to meet changes in site design conditions. For SCR/DeNOx application, WAHLCO can also evaluate equipment impact when changing reagent requirements (Anhydrous to Aqueous or Urea).

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