Worldclass Service Ensures Our Customers' Success

WAHLCO offers full-spectrum field support, including installation supervision, commissioning, maintenance,
equipment upgrades, rentals, and replacement parts. Services include but are not limited to:

Field Service & Maintenance Programs

Our highly trained field service representatives provide service on all WAHLCO equipment including most other ammonia systems and FGC systems.

  • Service Contracts
  • Emergency Field Service
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Plant Audits

WAHLCO furnishes technical support and customer service for our installed equipment worldwide as an OEM supplier providing field service support for installation, commissioning and startup.

Additionally, we provide a complete staff of qualified engineers who provide technical services for all of WAHLCO’s installations. We offer maintenance programs, audits and where necessary equipment upgrades.

WAHLCO provides new, repair and replacement part support to our clients from execution of a project and throughout the equipment’s operating life.

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Rental Equipment Programs

WAHLCO has a full inventory of system skids ideal for temporary installations or for customers to evaluate the benefits of the technology.

  • Flue Gas Conditioning
  • NOx Reduction
  • Ammonia Systems
  • Urea to Ammonia Technology

WAHLCO knows that not all customers are ready to purchase a system without giving it a test run. With that thought in mind, WAHLCO has rental equipment programs which allow customers to test air pollution control technologies prior to investing the capital to install a brand new system. WAHLCO has rental equipment for Flue Gas Conditioning (FGC) systems as well as U2A® systems. These systems are all self-contained with the customer only needing to supply the commodity being tested (sulfur, ammonia, etc.) and utilities such as an electrical supply, instrument air, and, in some instances, a steam supply to operate the equipment.

Additionally, where customers have difficulty in meeting emission requirements from their particulate from coal fire boilers via electrostatic precipitators, WAHLCO has S03 and NH3 skids for rent. These inject chemicals to greatly improve emissions performance. To assist customers WAHLCO has an extensive database of more than 3000 coal-ash collected data to aid in predicting performance improvements.

Affiliation – DeNOx Direct LLC

WAHLCO has an exclusive alliance with DeNoxDirectSM, a company that supplies and distributes a competitive high purity formaldehyde free dry urea and solution. Although WAHLCO’s urea to ammonia systems will operate with formaldehyde containing urea, a high purity formaldehyde free urea offers advantages in operation and improves reliability.

DeNOx allows our clients and end users the ability to take impact of reagent cost into account when evaluating Ammonia System design.

WAHLCO supplies ammonia storage, and supply systems for Selective Non Catalytic Reduction of Nitrous Oxide emissions from combustion sources and for Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems (SCR) utilizing all three common feed stocks, anhydrous ammonia, aqueous ammonia and systems that produce the ammonia on demand from urea.


SCR/SNCR Modeling

WAHLCO has collaborated with FERCo on a number of projects over the last 10 years including SNCR, SCR and Cold Flow Modeling applications. FERCo contributes vast expertise with catalyst design and sizing, flow modeling, injection distribution, catalyst management and performance guarantees. Together, WAHLCO and FERCo provide nearly 50 years of expertise in SCR and similar applications for the power, refinery and petrochemical industries.

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